About Us

Our Mission

We are passionate about delivering an exceptional experience when you purchase a custom piece of furniture for your home or office.  We apply the most innovative and cutting edge designs to all our our furniture. You can rely on us to make recommendations that fit your taste,style and budget.

Our Team

Hunters Wood Works is a family owned and operated business. We are committed to providing you and your family with quality furniture that will last for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What type of wood is used to make the furniture?  We primarily use Maple, Black Walnut and Pine. All of the wood is sourced locally from Ontario. We are able to source other types of wood upon request and availability.

2. Can the wood split?  Our wood is kiln-dried; this process is to remove excessive moisture from the wood during the manufacturing process. We guarantee that the seams in our furniture will not open up beyond a slight movement that is expected with solid wood furniture. It is highly recommended that the furniture is not placed in direct sunlight or in an area with temperature changes (near air conditioning and heating vents). In the winter, the use of a humidifier can control the humidity and prevent the wood from expanding.


3. Can the furniture damage my floors?  Yes this is a possibility depending on the finish of your floors. Felt pads on the furniture are recommended to protect your floors.


4. How can I clean my furniture including table tops?  A soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy water is recommended. Dry immediately with a soft cloth and buff the surface. Avoid products that are ammonia based or contain silicone. Use polish sparingly, if at all. Your finish does not benefit from them; they tend to build up a film on the finish that will attract dust and dirt